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05 September 2009


I know now that there is God... He is not in the holy spirit we pray to...He isn't written about in religious texts... He is someone who is a part of our lives...Whom we live for ... Because of whom we live... Michelle Mcnally is "special" in more ways than one.She cannot see ... nor hear nor speak...She inhabits a world of infinite black ... of a seamless, endless void where nothing reaches her and she reaches nothing. Her world is frightening in its complete remoteness.On the sheer

will of her ferocious rage against destiny, Michelle struggles to stay afloat in the impenetrable whirp
ool her life has become. Into this devastating isolation enters a battle weary teacher, Debraj Sahai, life's wounded but arrogantly insolent warrior. With a single minded obsession, Debraj takes up a challenge that is next to impossible - to lead this wild, uncontrollable child into the light of knowledge. Thus begins a journey of two headstrong individuals. They will overcome failures, obstacles, even ridicule as they tread the path less taken. What they seek is that moment of miracle ¨¢ when the ray of knowledge will penetrate through the dense black of Michelle's life...Black is the cathartic tale of a deaf, mute and blind girl who saw what people with sight fail to see ¨¢ a vision of her God.Michelle Mcnally saw what other lesser mortals could not. She saw her God, heard Him and walked with Him into the light...







"Hidup umpama aiskrim. Nikmatilah ia sebelum cair."

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maiyah berkata...

salam.. byk pengajaran dari cite ni, sorang guru n sorang OKU.. sy tgk pun jadi nangis :)

ONE ZABA berkata...

apasal la tulis omputih pulak, anis wei!! aku ni..asal bulan pose je jadi lemah la cakap-cakap omputih ni. bulan lain ok je. lancar je aku cakap omputih dalam hati.

bukak pose menu apa hari ni , anis?

- jinggo - berkata...

dan dah tgk cerita blank tu..
dan saya suka..
hidup ini umpama aiskrim.....

~Insan Biasa~ berkata...

layan hindustan...he saya pun nangis!

~Insan Biasa~ berkata...

sesekali je cgu one (yg benornya malaih nak translate)-copypaste jer tu...hehhe

hari ni berbuka puasa dengan mee goreng+kuih sikit.

~Insan Biasa~ berkata...

wak jinggo...
semoganya kita bersyukur selalu dengan kelebihan yg ada pada kita

Abang Long berkata...

Entri sama ... hahahahaha